Doug Wright III

Doug Wright III, founded Building Community Bridges in 2017, after coming to a point in his life where he was ready to give back to the community in a way that could change the lives of the underserved youth. Doug was raised in Detroit, MI. He turned the streets at the young age of 12, to be able to provided for himself and 2 younger sisters. After years of heartache, violence, drugs, and crime Douglas left Detroit eventually finding his was to Jefferson City for a new beginning. Starting over was rough for Doug, with the label of convicted felon and having a family to provide for, He did what he knew would provide. He went back to distributing drugs and his decisions landed him in prison, where he served 2 years. In those 2 years Doug experienced some life changing moments one being the death of his mother, which motivated him to change himself and help others do the same. Upon his release in 2014 Doug took action on a different way of life. Later opening Doug's Auto Detailing, where he offers jobs to people coming from prison, who would usually struggle finding jobs due to their criminal background check. in 2017 he founded Building Community Bridges, to help change the youth and break the cycle that he and many other children suffer from

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Alicia Edwards

Alicia Edwards, born and raised in Jefferson City, MO, was placed in foster care on her first birthday. He biological mother was a student at Lincoln University who struggled with drug addiction and mental illness. Alicia was Raised by her single parent foster mother, who later adopted her. In a foster home filled with children of all ages. She spent most of her adolescent struggling to fit in. Not knowing her roots, being raised in a very strict household and struggling with obesity, Alicia became involved in very unhealthy relationships. At 16 she was pregnant with her first child, and in 2012 became a mother of 2. The relationship with her children's father later turned into a marriage of abuse and control. After 8 years and 2 children Alicia escaped that nightmare, but entered into years of struggling due to all the mental damage the relationship caused. Around 28 years old and now a mother of 3, She finally was able to take her life back. Alicia was aware of who she was and empowered to be herself. She went to cosmetology school and opened her own salon, Beautiful Expressions. She also started modeling, proving to herself that she's beautiful inside and out. With this newfound confidence, Alicia wanted to share her story and help other women and young girls also find their inner beauty. In 2017 Alicia met Doug through Building Community Brides basketball team, when her son was recruited to play. When the two of them shared their personal stories they knew that together their passion to help change the youth in the community could be achieved. Alicia then became a part of Building Community Bridges as the Executive Director.